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Shades of Rose Wine

West Slope Bespoke

Curated Flavor Adventures

Go beyond the ordinary and anticipate an adventure.

Welcome to Colorado's Wine Country. During your visit, go beyond the ordinary and anticipate an adventure with a guided wine tour unlike any other. Expand your knowledge of the vine-to-bottle process, the relationships between food and wine, and pick up a few fun facts about Palisade’s history. Savor a truly in-depth wine experience that encourages you to explore your palate and quench your curiosity.


"Ellise helps you to appreciate the complexity of wine and gastronomic delights. She's great at getting you to participate in the process of identifying what you are drinking and making feel like you are contributing to the process."

Essie / Loveland, CO

Image by Matt_214


"Our host is an expert in describing the wine, getting you to experience every flavor, and she is so investing in bringing the experience to another level."

Heather / Boulder, CO

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