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Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty about our Bespoke tours is the level of customization we create for your individual experience.

Use the details below for general information, and rest assured we will curate your tour for your unique adventure. 



What should I wear on my tour?

It’s usually warm and sunny, so we recommend shorts or capris, or longer pants with tapered/slim fitted legs. Flat-soled shoes are or securely strapped sandals (no flip flops!), a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen. 

We don’t recommend wearing long dresses/skirts or wide-legged pants (they can get caught in the chain or spokes which will harm your garment and also may cause you to crash), any type of wedge or high heels or flip flops.

Generally an “active & smart” style fits in well at the wineries and still allows for your comfort while touring. 

Check out NOAA's forecast by clicking here!

What's the weather in Palisade?

    All tours will begin at

Rapid Creek Cycles. Taster Tours at 11:30am and

Bespoke Tours at time you and your guide determine. 

Where does my tour start?

We’re happy to hear from you! Speak with a person at


or send us an email!

How can I contact West Slope Bespoke?

Sooner is better! A longer timeframe allows us and our partners to make sure we can expertly curate everything you require for your adventure. Please send us an email or reach at at 970-510-TOUR

if you want to book a flavor adventure within 5 days!

How far in advance should I book my tour? 

What happens if I'm within
that time?


Each tour is unique, and we will plan a route to suit your taste & ability! You can anticipate riding up to a few miles between stops at local wineries for tastings. The terrain is mostly flat or gently rolling, with a few specific exceptions. The total tour mileage is typically under 15 miles.

How far will we ride on
the tour?

Anticipate fees ranging from Complimentary - $15 for each tasting flight per winery, which are often waived with a bottle purchase. 

How much should I budget for wine tasting fees?

Wine tasting fees are not included in the bike tour price because all our tours are customized to your group, and the wineries we visit differ! Additionally, tasting at any winery during the tour is optional and your fees may be waived with minimum purchase, which varies by winery.

Why aren’t tasting fees included in the price of the tour?

We recommend riding our included e-bikes from Rapid Creek Cycles to fully engage with your tour experience. We do not offer a discount for guests joining a tour and bringing their own bike.

Can I bring my own bike?

Our private guided tours are adult-oriented and wine-focused and we may ride on routes that are not appropriate for younger riders. For these reasons, young children are not allowed on our guided bike tours. If your group is primarily adults 21+ and there are 1-2 Adults under 21 who would like to participate, please call 970-510-TOUR to discuss details. 

Our tours, and the establishments that we visit, are not an appropriate setting for your beloved pets. Wineries have various pet policies, and we often are biking on warm sunny days where your pet may overheat or experience distress.

Please make other arrangements for your pet during your tour. 

Can I bring a pet or a child
on the tour?

Gratuity is typical in private tours. Guides would welcome a 10%-20% tip at the end of the day if you've had an excellent experience, however, tipping is entirely discretionary.

How much should we tip our tour guide?


Where do we pick up bottles we purchased during our tour?

Included with your tour is a wonderful wine concierge service to best protect the integrity of your purchases. In most cases, your purchases are available at the morning after your tour at Rapid Creek Cycles.  

What if I have dietary restrictions? 

During our dialogue together during booking we are happy to discuss the best options for you to fully enjoy the delicious flavors of Palisade!  

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